How to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

No matter if you are a full-time RVer or someone who uses it occasionally or seasonally. They say, “home is where you park it” but your RV is more likely to feel like home with the tips we shared. It doesn’t take much to do an interior makeover, but it can make a world of difference in how it feels. At times your new RV just doesn’t quite feel like home. There is only so much one can do with so much space and it’s a good idea to stock your RV with items that will give it that homelike feeling because doing this makes travel more pleasant. We have compiled a list of 15 tips to help you make your RV feel more like a home instead of a living space.

  1. Bring Your Favorite Pots & Pans
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    Just like we all have a favorite burner, mines the front left, we all have a favorite pot or pan that we use all the time. If you like to cook, having a pot on board that you usually use at home will make you feel more connected to the things you’ve left behind. When you are trying to make your families favorite meal on the road it can be very difficult on the chef when they don’t have pots and pans they are used to. We’re not saying bring them all, as much as we’d love too, but with limited space bringing just a few will help make the chef feel more at home than using “borrowed” or new pots and pans.
  2. Hang Wall Decor
    You wouldn’t think hanging wall decor would make that big of a difference but just the simplest thing such as hanging a picture of family or friends makes a huge difference in the feeling of our home.
  3. Get a Comfortable Chair/Couch
    Having someplace to sit down and relax after a long day of adventure, or fun, or work is extremely important. Even more so, if that place is comfortable. Most RVs come with at least one living room style chair or couch. However, most are uncomfortable. Here at Floyd’s we love the Thomas Payne collection and not for the reason you think. They are the most comfortable RV specific couches and chairs I have ever sat in. Some of them even include massagers, heat, and are on swivels so you aren’t locked into looking one direction.
  4. A Way to Put Your Feet Up
    Tying into #3 is having a place to put your feet up at night. This is something I took for granted until my chair no longer reclined. At first it was okay but after a week I eventually went and bought an ottoman. It was so nice coming home and kicking my shoes off and just sitting there with my feet up was so much more relaxing than down on the ground for some reason.
  5. Slippers
    You know that feeling when you finally get home after a long day and kick off your shoes and slip on your house slippers. Not only does it make you more comfortable but it also helps keep your RV clean. Many people forget to remove their shoes when traveling and it keeps them from be more relaxed.
  6. Plan On Not Having Fast Internet
    Often when RVing you find yourself in situations were there is no internet or slow internet. A few years ago this would have said, “Plan on bringing DVD’s because there isn’t always anything worth watching on TV”. These days, many people watch TV exclusively using the internet. With streaming services many don’t even purchase DVD’s anymore. However, you may not always have access to those streaming services or the services may be slow or you may be close to going over using data. One of our favorite things to do is to put all of our DVD’s onto external hard drives (reminder it is illegal to share those copies with friends) and then we aren’t carrying around lots of DVD’s. We have literally hundreds of our DVD’s on these hard drives and with our TV we could just plug them straight in to it and they played right from there. These are shows and movies that we enjoy both at home and on the road. Either way, nothing beat a movie night or a bing-watching your favorite TV show. That being said, Furrion has an exceptional wifi extender and Winegard has 2 so you have 3 different price point depending on what you are looking for.
  7. Play Your Favorite Music
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    Another great way to unwind is listen to your favorite songs. Just like above, just make sure you have a way to listen in case there is no internet for streaming services. We like to recommend using a USB flash drive with all of our favorite music. While your RVing things will go wrong, things will break, it might rain for a week straight and you’ll be stuck inside. Listening to music is great way to try and get out of what mood we were in. We like to recommend the King RV Media Bluetooth Speaker. Not only is the sound high quality but it last for awhile and even comes with a light for when you need them.
  8. A Rug or 2
    Most RV’s have linoleum flooring and a rug will not only make the floor not as chilly in morning but can make it feel more like home instantly. Adding a rug is the quickest easiest way to personalize your RV.
  9. Curtains
    You didn’t hear this from us, but some valances from certain RV dealers just aren’t that pretty. It’s actually relatively easy to remove them and replace them with curtains. We recommend privacy blinds or blackout curtains simply because it will help keep outside light and prying eyes out of your RV.
  10. Paint the Walls or Cabinets
    This is the biggest project that we will mention. One reason this is a large project is because many RV cabinets are only wrapped in a wood look. Painting these can completely ruin the finish. Here at Floyds, most of our units are sold with real would and this project won’t ruin your RVs look. Painting the walls and cabinets a lighter color will make the space feel larger than it is. Painting allows you to add any color you want to make the interior match your personality and style. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting, simply removing the wallpaper border that comes in many RV’s can also help.
  11. Replace Faucets
    Many RV’s come standard with plastic faucets and handles. Changing those out for some more modern will make your kitchen and bathroom not only look nicer but also more convenient. We recommend finding one with a pullout faucet. It makes dishes and cooking so much easier and is super convenient.
  12. Plants
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    Adding a little greenery to your RV can easily make it feel more like home. Adding a plant magically makes your living space look more attractive and feel more inviting. Not to mention there are the added benefits of plants purifying the air, and their ability to decrease stress. We like to recommend succulent plants because you’ll be able to go a few days without needing to take care of them.
  13. Lights
    Lights can not only change the mood of the room but also make you believe the room is larger than it is. Lights that come with your RV are functional but are also very harsh on the eyes at night. Here at Floyds all our new units come with LED lights that aren’t as harsh on the eyes. Buying ambient lighting is the key to making your RV more comfortable to relax or entertain in.
  14. Change the Mattress or Get a Mattress Topper
    Some of the mattresses that come standard in RVs can be either too soft or too hard. Considering sleeping is one of the most important things we do it’s important to get a great nights sleep. Replacing that mattress with a new one or simply adding a mattress topper can help you achieve your desired firmness.
  15. Make Sure Everyone Has Their Own Personal Storage Space
    Storage space is obviously very limited in most, if not all, RVs so having a place to store your personal items is very much needed. Finding products that not only create storage but also serve another purpose can really help save space in the RV. Another thing we suggest here at Floyds is that if you have a bunkhouse and do not use one or both of the beds, get large plastic totes and remove the bunk mattresses. This creates instant shelves for multiple totes and gear.

    What makes RVing great isn’t so much what’s inside the but the places you see and the people you meet along the way. If you want to enhance your travels, doing the things we suggested above are all things that will make your RV feel like home, which is exactly how one should want it to feel. The only thing better than RVing is taking a little piece of home with you wherever you are.
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